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The website and social media of the METEOR cluster has launched. The METEOR cluster is a group of Horizon Europe projects exploring the health impacts of environmental stressors. Each project approaches a different aspect of the threat of environmental stressors on human health, with an eye to explore potential solutions. The projects are:

  • BEST-COST: Measuring the health costs of pollution through novel research methodologies
  • MARCHES: Providing guidelines for EU and national socioeconomic analysis to assess health costs of environmental stressors
  • MISTRAL: Using Artificial Intelligence-based predictive modelling for a dynamic and flexible health impact assessment
  • UBDPolicy: Improving health and well-being impact assessments of environmental stressors in urban areas
  • VALESOR: Increasing understanding of the economic values of environmental chemical stressors in policymaking

To learn more about the individual projects, visit the cluster projects page.

The website will serve as a hub for resources and updates from the cluster and individual projects, from research tools to policy briefings. The website will provide visitors with:

  • Tools and publications from both the cluster and individual projects
  • Relevant communication and dissemination materials including press releases, newsletters, articles, policy briefs, and online access to brochures.

You can also follow METEOR on LinkedIn to receive the latest updates from the cluster and individual projects. Use the hashtag #MeteorEU to join the conversation around methods to protect our health and the environment.